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Hello, I am new here! Kajouka knows me from being Jess's (slayer_buffy66)'s girlfriend.

I am here to find a better way of eating and to ultimately lose 5 or 10 pounds within two months or so. I'm 5'7 and 129 pounds. I have a little but of flab but I am no means fat or skinny.

I don't know what diet to do. I am in love with a girl who is basically anorexic - trying to recover - and I have never really eaten properly. It's always been junk junk junk or if there is healthy stuff I eat a TON of it, more than you are supposed to.

I am also a lazy fuck. I mean that with all my heart, I hate getting up and going for a walk or doing situps or whatever. I would rather just sit on my ass in front of the TV and eat chips and sandwitches all day.

I would love lips or anything from anyone. I can send Jess out to get any type of food I need. I'm not obsessive about losing this weight, it would just be nice to.

Thanks for everything.
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