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ok, So I said I would start the Atkins diet on January 5th. Well I did! On the scale I've been using at work, I started at 174 on 1/5. I always weigh myself in the morning before I eat or drink and with my clothing and shoes on.

It has been one week and I have lost 9lbs! I weighed in today at 165! I'm super excited.

I have also joined a gym and have begun working out three times a week with Cardio and weights. I have a personal trainer who's been helping me out for my first few weeks just so I can get an idea of what to do.

I've also bought the DDR game for the playstation. Dancing is hours of entertainment and exercise. I usually build up a good sweat in the process. I really recommend it for those of you that find working out to be boring (like me!) but want to get some cardio in.

Does anyone play sports?
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