fenriz_occulto (fenriz_occulto) wrote in dietrite,

please help

hello my name is Matt. I have no questions about dieting for me, but I need some help for my girlfriend. Ever since I've been going out with her, she at least once or twice a week will say shes fat and that she hates being fat. Personally, I dont think she's fat. She's very pretty and absolutly amazing. Anyways, yesterday we discussed dieting and I dont know much about it. I said I'd quit smoking as incentive.

A big problem is that I've seen some websites on her computer that are pro-ana which really hurts. I dont want her to end up like that. She also says she doesnt want my help but I'd feel like a real jerk if I didnt help and something happened. From my own experiences going through drug addiction, I wish I had someone to help and now I feel I can.

Can anyone give me some helpful tips? Please post them or send them to me @ paintedblack85@yahoo.com

thank you
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